There are many things that make a pieminister pie special; one of them has to be the pastry.

Its simple, pies made by proper chefs, using great stuff from places known and trusted.

Awards (just the latest!)

  1. -British Pie Awards 2010. 3 Medals.

  2. -Great Taste Awards 2009, 3 Gold Medals.

  3. -British Pie Awards 2009, Champion & Reserve Champion.

  4. -Institute of Directors, Entrepreneur of the year

  5. -Great Taste awards 2006, 4 Gold Medals

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All Pies £4.50 each                            Sides, £1 each

PIES!!! How could we not do pies!!!!
...And  they’re not just any old pies either! Handmade using only the bestest free range and organic ingredients in the ‘Pi-Ministry (see side), folks were talking seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY GOOD PIES!

To make sure we always supply the freshest pies, we aim to keep our selection to about four or five pies at a time from the rather splendid PM range. See our chalkboard below for the current full selection. Click on any pie or side for more information.